Nigel Talton was a track star at Iowa Wesleyan and Shorter University. Logan Riely/Getty Images
Nigel Talton was a track star at Iowa Wesleyan and Shorter University. Logan Riely/Getty Images
IW - Wed, Jun. 14, 2017
Nigel Talton, Former Iowa Wesleyan Track Standout, named “The Freeze” by Atlanta Braves Organization

If you attend an Atlanta Braves baseball game, you might get a glimpse of "The Freeze" Nigel Talton as a member of the grounds crew before or throughout a home game. Talton has become a viral hit as "The Freeze" in a between-innings fan challenge.  Fans receive a head start in a foul pole to foul pole race and take their shot to "Beat the Freeze." 

"The Freeze" became a social media hit after video of Friday's challenge was posted of Talton overtaking a fan who prematurely celebrated and fell face first into the warning track.

Nigel Talton attended Iowa Wesleyan University in 2009-2010 and was a standout member of the track and field team.  He won the Midwest Collegiate Athletic Conference in the 100 meter dash and qualified for the NAIA Outdoor Championships in the 100 meter and 200 meter dash. Talton placed 14th in the 100 meter dash.

During his year with the Tigers, Talton made his way into the IW all-time record books in both indoor and outdoor seasons.  He sits in fourth and fifth in the 55 meter dash and 200 meter dash respectively.  Talton broke the 100 meter dash record in the outdoor season, which stood for 23 years before he clocked a 10.54 second run.  Along with the 100 meter record, Talton's name appears in three other outdoor events.  He is second in the 200 meter dash (22.66), seventh in the 400 meter dash (50.15), and is second and third in the 4x100 meter relay record (42.06 and 42.42).

Talton's speed and love of running made him the perfect candidate to be "The Freeze".  To learn more about this Wesleyan great, visit

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