Athletic Mission Statement

Mission Statement and Statement of Philosophy 

Iowa Wesleyan University is committed to providing a program of intercollegiate athletics that is student-centered.  The University believes that the primary function of intercollegiate athletics at a small church-related, liberal arts university is one of a high quality co-curricular complement to its overall mission.  As such, academics have priority over athletic or other co-curricular pursuits.

Iowa Wesleyan athletics is founded on a student-first philosophy.  Those who participate in intercollegiate athletics are expected to apply themselves in the classroom, meet all academic requirements, and make steady progress toward graduation.

Iowa Wesleyan athletes understand the balance of priorities between academics and co-curricular programs, whether the latter are athletics, the performing arts, or other student activities.  Iowa Wesleyan University coaches understand this balance of priorities, and seek to recruit students who will be successful student-athletes.

Intercollegiate athletics at Iowa Wesleyan University is a powerful learning experience for the development of excellence, goal directed behavior, appreciating one's role within a larger group, overcoming adversity, time management, and prioritization of competing values.  Iowa Wesleyan is committed to providing the best leadership, support services, and competitive environment that its resources will allow to ensure a quality intercollegiate athletic experience for all student-athletes.

The University is committed to instilling and developing the vales of superlative ethical conduct and fair play among its athletes, coaches, and student spectators.  Furthermore, Iowa Wesleyan University recognizes that student-athletes are role models to their peers, as well as representatives of the University, and the University actively expects student-athletes to conduct themselves in a manner which befits those roles.

Iowa Wesleyan University is committed to gender equity and values cultural diversity.  It strives to ensure that all individuals and all teams are treated with the same level of fairness, resources, and respect so that all athletes are afforded an equal opportunity to develop their full potential on and off the playing field.